The Cauldron of Inspiration Worldwide Deliveries


750g             £6.05      GBP

1kg                £9.90      GBP

1.5kg            £11.80     GBP

2kg               £12.70     GBP 



750g            £10.90    GBP 

1kg               £22.70    GBP

1.5kg            £28.90    GBP

2kg               £30.15    GBP

North America (excluding USA)   South America,   Africa.  Middle East. South East Asia.

750g             £10.45    GBP

1kg                 £17.35    GBP

1.5kg             £21.80    GBP

2kg                £23.00   GBP


750g             £ 13.50    GBP

1kg                £20.55     GBP

1.5kg             £26.55     GBP

2kg                £28.25    GBP

 All above prices are subject to change.

If  you require any further information regarding postage costs, please do not hesitate to contacts us.


Australia              AU$ 64.28.

USA                            $ 51.69

All above prices include taxes

Prices may vary due to exchange rates. Please contact us before placing order.

For other countries delivery costs  please contact us

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