Soul Traveller Greeting Card by Swedish Artist Cindy Grundsten. Alone White Wolf stands enhanced by a landscape of rock,sky and mist. This card is approx. 17cm x 12cm. Supplied cellophane wrapped with a white envelope . Blank Inside for your own personal message

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©  by Cindy GrundstenMy name is Cindy Grundsten and living in Sweden in a medium sized town called Eskilstuna. I have two wonderful adult children. I have always loved to create different things. And when I was a little girl so I drew a lot. When it comes to creating images, I began my faltering steps in the autumn of 2007 with an old photoshop elements. I could absolutely nothing about photoshop and did not understand about how the tools worked. But I played in the program and thought it was great fun. I wanted to learn more so I joined a forum where they showed pictures and talked photoshop. I loved it! I learned more and more and I enjoyed every second. I had so much fun that I forgot to eat and sleep. In 2008, I felt that I wanted to learn more. I surfed around the net to look for good forums and found Deviantart. I spun around in there and looked at all the great pictures. I could not understand how you could possibly do such nice pictures. Photo Manipulation at this level I saw was completely foreign to me. I decided to teach me. Said and done, I watched and learned from other artists’ images, and I read some tutorials. Now I was in heaven! This was the funniest thing I’ve ever done. 

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