Satya Sandalwood Incense 180gm

Sandalwood Incense has a earthy, fresh and smooth fragrance, used it to create a calm atmosphere, great to burn when meditating. Helps with relieving of muscle aches, indigestion and helps reduce depression. Each Carton contains 12 packets of 15 sticks approx Burn time 30-45 mins approx. Made in India.

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One of the most sacred plant oils in Hinduism to Jainism and Buddhism, Sandalwood was in use since 4,000 years. It’s one of the oldest scents that was used in rituals. It was used in Embalming by the Egyptians and building temples by the Greeks? This earthy and purifying scent in its incense form promises so much exaltation too. So, today we will find out ways to use sandalwood incense for healing by referring to the physics and metaphysics.