Amethyst is the flag bearer for the Quartz family of gemstones, which also includes Citrine and Prasiolite. The gem perfectly showcases all that this mineral has to offer, across a variety of hues from delicate light pinks to deep dark purples. Amethyst remains one of the most popular gemstones on the market. Size L 12 cm x W 7 cm Weight 300g

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Metaphysically speaking, some people believe the benefits of amethysts include relaxing the mind, enhancing mental activity, and giving strength and willpower for following passions and resisting undesirable habits. Physically, these gems are thought by many to stabilise the metabolism, stimulate tissue rejuvenation, and increase the production of red corpuscles. Amethysts are sometimes used to treat blood-sugar level disorders and lapses in the immune system.

It is an amazingly beautiful stone and popular for anyone who works with crystals for spiritual purposes. It is Quartz that has structured with the presence of iron, which produces the beautiful purple color. Normally, it is quite lucid and may contain inclusions, rainbows, and clouding within the crystal.

Its attractive colour makes it a popular preference for jewellery. When it forms physically, it may produce a combination of other crystals such as Citrine which is the orange variety of Quartz. Amethyst is also available in several forms and price ranges.